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Meet the treasurer: Juli Tecles - Borges International Group

30 August 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mariel Barclay
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This week we meet Juli Tecles, Group Treasurer at Borges International Group, a leading Spanish olive oil & dry nuts producer. 

Borges International Group is a global family business committed to  bringing Mediterranean Lifestyle & Quality Food to the World. Borges International Group is made up of three business units, each of which have several companies. The total audited sales for last year is € 744 million, made in 114 different countries.
What is your role and what are your main responsibilities?
I am the Group Financial Manager. My main responsibilities are group financing, treasury and risk management ( property, credit and FX).
How is your treasury structured?
Information and decision making are centralized in our Group treasury. Where required, we keep local teams in some parts of the world because of distance from the parent company or because of relative importance.
Tell us about a project you are working on at the moment.
We are currently in the process of updating our TMS (Treausury Management System) to improve our reporting, debt management, mobility, connectivity, etc.
In addition to the TMS update, we are looking into the implementation of a bank connectivity system at Group level, both for the reception of information and the issuance of orders.
What are the main challenges of your face?
The main challenge we face in this project is connectivity.  We aim to implement an agile, efficient, scalable and secure banking communication system that can be replicated in any of the Group's subsidiaries.  We also want the parent company to be able to operate on behalf of any subsidiary in the world. This operational power is the ultimate objective for us in Corporate Treasury.
What areas in treasury are you most interested in? What topics would you like to discuss with your peers here? 
Banking communication and new technologies applied to Treasury