About Us

Join today to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a global treasury peer group. Simply tell us what your interests are and we will invite you to moderated calls, benchmarking and expert briefings with like-minded treasurers.

Our current members are finding it invaluable. 

Membership is for corporate treasury professionals only and currently free of charge. 

Why join ECTN?

Whatever project you are working on, other ECTN members are working on it too. Sign up today to talk to them, learn from them and benchmark your approach.

Key benefits include:

  • Practical and time saving
    You can take part in all ECTN activities from your desk. Join our sessions from your desktop and in one hour you can benchmark your processes, find new ideas, solve problems and network with your peers.
  • Confidential and corporate-only
    Membership is for corporate treasury professionals only and all discussions are conducted under the Chatham House rule.
  • Timely, hot topics
    From the membership profile we are able to determine the topics that are top of your agenda.
  • Global network
    Our members come from multiple countries and regions, allowing you to get a truly global perspective on a subject as well as expand your professional network in an unprecedented way.
  • Reports to share internally
    Summary reports of all discussions, expert briefings and benchmarking are prepared and distributed to group members.